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Linux Hosting – The Best System For All Your Hosting Needs

Most web hosting sites were not accustomed to using Linux due to its complexity, but Linux hosting has become very prevalent on today’s market. Linux has become popular in web hosting, because there are now tools that make Linux just as user friendly as Windows. When compared to the other kinds of hosting, Linux hosting provides the most stable and reliable system.

With the latest quad processors that are around, Linux hosting provides the most consistent servers, as there is no need to do any rebooting during maintenance, or when there are technical problems that need troubleshooting.

When dealing with Linux web hosts, technicians need to be experienced in dealing with Linux, and know how to properly configure it, as it can make a system vulnerable.

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Linux hosting gets its strength from its ability to support a wide range of programming languages, a feature that is not paralleled by any other operating system. The ability of Linux to support Programming languages like C, C++, PHP, Python, Perl and Perl, coupled with its compatibility with SQL databases and MySQL servers, makes Linux produce some of the best interactive websites that are available today.

Linux hosting also allows you to host your website at a low cost. This is because Linux is an operating system that can be freely distributed, since it is an open source software. In the end Linux becomes the most affordable OS on the market, when it is compared to other OS’s like Windows, which can be very costly.

Get Linux Hosting For Trouble Free Hosting

Web Hosting sites that offer Linux hosting, boast having the most secure servers, since Linux is one of the most stable operating systems available today. Servers that are managed using Linux tend to suffer less from spam and other computer viruses. This is one of the reasons why Linux systems offer the most secure platforms, as they tend to have less problems with spam.

Websites that are hosted by servers operating on Linux tend to perform better, as they support a wide range of multimedia file formats. Supporting a wide range of multimedia file formats is what everyone is looking for nowadays, for it helps bring life to web sites, allowing people to share almost any kind of file formats on the internet.

This is very common on sites such as blogs and social media networks. When such sites are supported by Linux Servers, they are able to playback a wide number of media files, ranging from real audio to video files.

Meet All Your Needs With Linux Hosting

The number of file formats that can be supported by Linux, are too numerous to mention, and all this is because of the number of programming languages that are supported by Linux. Linux allows users to manage their sites via FTP, even though they do not have control over the server, so they can modify their site at any time. With all these features Linux hosting is no doubt the best web hosting choice.

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Reseller Hosting – Best Reseller Host In The Business

Are you looking for some good quality reseller hosting? I have had a reseller account with the same company for over six years without any problems, and I feel they are the best choice for anyone looking for hosting.

This hosting company is Hostgator, and they are considered by most people to be the best there is.

They offer many different plans to suit everyone’s needs, but I especially like the reseller hosting package. Reseller hosting for anyone who is unfamiliar with it, allows you to have as many sites on one account as you wish.

But the really nice feature with this type of hosting, is the fact that you can have each one of your sites on a completely separate cPanel, within your reseller account. Note: Enter my exclusive coupon at Hostgator, to save. savemoney99

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This type of hosting can be great if you tend to sell your websites. With reseller hosting, you can sell a site to a buyer, and allow them to keep the site on your hosting account for a few days until they move it, or as a permanent customer, paying you a monthly fee for hosting.

Plus with reseller hosting, you would give them the user name and password for that site, and that is all they could access.

It can also be beneficial to you, if you have some friends that also need hosting. You can give them hosting for their site, or multiple sites, and charge them a monthly fee.

You set the amount of space they have, the price you wish to charge, and can terminate an account at any time.

I prefer reseller hosting, because I do often sell websites, and it makes it easier for myself, and the customer, but I also like having a separate cPanel for every site.

Are You Looking For Reseller Hosting – Hostgator Is The Best

If you are going to buy reseller hosting, I would definitely suggest you go with Hostgator. Their support is top notch, and they will work with you until a problem is resolved, if you happen to have one.

They also offer everything that you could possible want in a hosting account. You get the good stuff like fantastico, for one click blog installs, and cPanel which is known as the best control panel in the hosting business.

Using your reseller hosting account is very simple. You start by going to a panel called your WHM, or webhost manager. At that panel you enter the domain name of your new site, choose a user name and password, and click start.

The webhost manager will now create the space for your new site. Now you can go to your newly created cPanel for your new site, and install wordpress in less that a minute.

It really is that simple to use one of these accounts. Another nice feature of a reseller account, is that you can expand it as your business grows. There are several size upgrades that will give you more space and speed in your reseller hosting account, as you need it.

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Is A Great Package

With your reseller account you can have unlimited domains, and sub domains, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited databases.

The reseller hosting also comes with 4,500 website templates, and free site building software, for professional looking sites.

This reseller hosting account with Hostgator, is truly all you will ever need, to host all the sites you want, and I managed to get a coupon out of Hostgator, that will save you almost ten bucks on the hosting.

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Protect Your Sites With The Best Web Hosts

Are you looking for Web Hosting? I will tell you what I think is one of the very best web hosts available today.

I have been using them for five years for all of my sites, including the one you are looking at now, and I have been very happy with them.

Hostgator hosting has plans to fit everyone’s needs. If you are looking for hosting for one site they have a plan for that, and if you want a hosting plan for lots of sites they also have a plan for that. If you want reseller hosting they have that too.

Hostgator plans really offer you everything in a hosting plan. There plans are complete, and leave nothing out that you need to be successful. I have had other plans in the past that seem to leave one or two things out that you really need. Hostgator does not do that.

Hostgator Plan Offers

· CPanel Control Panel
· Fantastico For Easy Blog Installs
· Free Site Builder – Website Builder
· Web Mail Email
· Unlimited Domains
· Unlimited Disk Space
· Unlimited Bandwidth
· 24/7 Tech Support
· 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
· 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Hostgator really gives you everything you could ever want from a hosting company. There is nothing else needed to have a personal blog, or to have fifty websites.

Get The Best Web Hosts For Pennies A Day

One of the things I like best about hostgator is they give you all the good stuff. Nothing is held back. After doing this for several years, I have learned what it is like to have good hosting.

Hostgator gives you things like cPanel to control all the functions of your sites. CPanel is known as the Best Hosting Panel in the world, and that is why they give it to you. Once you use cPanel, it is all you will ever want to use.

They also give you Fantastico. This is a program that will install a blog on your hosting in about sixty seconds. If you ever tried to install a blog manually, you will know what a dream fantastico is.

Hostgator even has the best mail program, called Webmail. This makes a huge difference. I have had hosting accounts that give you a catch all email account. That means if your domain name is,, spammers can send all the email they want to, and your email will accept everything.

With hostgators webmail you can pick a specific name for your email like,, and that is the only address it will accept. It makes a big difference between reading five emails a day, and reading two hundred.

I really think with all the features that Hostgator offers, they are truly one of the best web hosts available today at any price. In the five years that I have been with them, my sites have never been down. Never. That’s pretty good if you ask me.

Having a reliable web host is very important in my book. There are a lot of web hosts out there promising the world, but who are they, and how reliable are they?

Creating web sites takes time and effort, and the last thing you want is unreliable hosting. The couple of times that I called Hostgator for minor issues, they were very helpful, even though the issues turned out to be my fault.

They also have a 45 day money back policy. If you are not happy for any reason within fourth five days, they will refund your money, and there are also no contracts. They make it very simple.

If you are serious about your sites, and serious about your hosting, then take my advice and get Hostgator hosting. They truly are the best web hosts you will find, and I learned that through trial and error.

Inexpensive Web Hosting You Can Count On

Since the beginning of the internet there have been billions of websites created about every subject imaginable, but they all have one thing in common.

They all need a place to put their creations, and that means they all need web hosting, and preferably inexpensive web hosting.

Keep reading because I am going to tell you about HostGator, the best hosting on the internet.

No matter what anyone wants to display on the internet, they need a web host to do it, whether it is a one page site, or a thousand page monster.

One thing that is often assumed by people shopping for web hosting, is that all plans are the same, but this is not true. The plan you choose should fit your needs now, and in the future.

The best type of for the average marketer, or personal blogger, is a plan that allows unlimited websites to be hosted, and unlimited disk space to be used for hosting these sites.

Inexpensive Web Hosting With All The Features

Even if you are only planning on hosting one site right now, this is still the best way to go, because you may change your mind down the road, and the price of plans like this are very easy to handle.

Another consideration when shopping for quality hosting, is to pick a company that offers quality features such as cPanel, fantastico, and good email accounts. These are important when setting up, and running your web site, or sites, and communicating with customers.

Another item that is on the top of my shopping list for hosting is quality support. A company has to have a good track record for good support. Without that they are not the ones you want to have hosting your sites. If you ever have a problem, you want someone to help you right away,

The last thing to look for is their uptime guarantee. If they are good, they will be offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which pretty much means you should never have a problem.

Now there are a few companies out there that can offer all these things, but I know of one called HostGator that is offering everything you need to run one site, or fifty sites, for a very reasonable price, and their service is unmatched. And there are no hidden charges, contracts, or tricks.

So there it is, the best Inexpensive Web Hosting on the internet, with everything you could ever want.

There are a lot of hosting companies available today, but having a hosting company that has a proven track record of reliability, is worth it’s weight in gold to me.

It’s a lot of work to create web sites, and the last thing you want is to build them on unstable ground.

The Best Hosting Service For Your Web Sites

If you are looking for the best domain hosting, I have to tell you it is They have been in the hosting business for years, and have a very good record.

They have won several awards from independent hosting review companies for their hassle free hosting services.

I have been marketing on the Internet for years, and made a lot of friends. Some of those friends trusted their websites to the free web hosting you see advertised everywhere.

They found out that you get what you pay for. But Hostgator has a plan for everyone, and you can get a full blown plan with unlimited sites, and everything else anyone could possibly need to run a large internet business, or just a few personal websites.

And the best part is, there are no hidden, or surprise fees when you go to sign up.

You get all this with HostGator
1. Unlimited Domains
2. Unlimited Disk Space
3. Unlimited Bandwidth
4. Cpanel Hosting Controls
5. $25.00 Adsense Coupon
6. 24 Hour Tech Support
7. Fantastico For Quick Blog Installs
8. 99.9% UpTime Guarantee
9. Award Winning Web Hosting
10. Free Site Builder – Website Builder
11. 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

And HostGator gives you cPanel, which is the best control panel in the world to control all of your sites functions. They have unlimited tech support twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

HostGator is offering a package that gives you everything you could ever need to run a business with multiple web sites, or just one personal web site.

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This is the most complete package I have seen, and the price is incredible for everything they are offering. HostGator will also give you a free site builder tool, to build professional sites.

They also give you the script installer called Fantastico. This makes installing a wordpress blog on your domain a simple two minute deal. Three clicks of the mouse, and you’re done.

They will also transfer you site from another hosting service for free if you need them to, and they offer a 45 day no hassle money back guarantee if you are not happy with their service, but I am pretty sure that will not be the case.

Like I said, they have a very good reputation, and a lot of good reviews, so I think you will be happy with them. Give HostGator a try, and I think you will find them to be the best domain hosting service on the net today, and with their 99.9% uptime guarantee, and their fantastic support, you can sleep well knowing your sites are safe.

Best Hosting Service For Your Sites Or Blogs

When shopping for the best hosting service, there are a few things you want to consider. Number one is, how reliable are they.

What is their uptime guarantee. If they are not reliable, it doesn’t matter how good their price is.

One of the best for reliability is Hostgator. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. That means you will probably never experience your site, or sites, being down due to their equipment.

Another reason I choose HostGator as the best, is because they give you what you need to make creating and maintaining your websites and blogs as easy as possible.

With HostGator you get cpanel. This makes controlling all the functions of your sites, and making changes a breeze. You also get fantastico. This allows you to install a wordpress blog on your domain name in about two minutes, with about two clicks of your mouse.

The support service at HostGator is also top notch. The have won several awards from independent review sites, for their service, and no hassle hosting services.

Their support is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and you can contact them by phone, chat, or email.

HostGator has several different packages to choose from to meet your needs, and there are no hidden fees or surprises when you go to sign up.

HostGator Includes All This:

1. Cpanel – Number One In The World
2. Free Site Builder For Professional Sites In Minutes
3. Free Domain Privacy Protection
4. $25.00 Google Adwords Coupon
5. Free Site Transfer From Your Old Hosting Co.
6. 45 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee
7. 24 Hour – 7 Days A Week Technical Support
8. Fantastico – Install 52 Scripts In A Snap, Including WordPress

HostGator has proven how reliable they are over the years. I have been personally using their hosting for many of my sites, including this one, and I can tell you they are the best hosting service you will ever find.

I really think that HostGator is the best hosting service available today for any price, and the service and support that they offer is amazing.

Best Hosting Companies For Your Sites And Blogs

If you need a good hosting plan for your websites or your blog, then you should go with one of the best hosting companies available. HostGator.

Their service is unmatched in the business, and their full service hosting plan has everything you will need.

HostGator Offers:

· Unlimited Domains
· Unlimited Disk Space
· Unlimited Bandwidth
· Cpanel Hosting Controls
· $25.00 Adsense Coupon
· 24 Hour Tech Support
· Fantastico For Quick Blog Installs
· 99.9% UpTime Guarantee
· Award Winning Web Hosting
· Free Site Builder – Website Builder
· 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

There are a lot of hosting companies to choose from today, but I can tell you from experience, that the last thing you want is a hosting service that is unreliable, and unprofessional, especially if you ever need help.

Hostgator Is One Of The Best Hosting Companies

HostGator has won several awards for their service and support, including a few from independent review firms, that gave them the award for their no hassle hosting plans.

They have a hosting plan that gives you everything you could ever want for a great price.

They are giving you unlimited domains, which means you can host as many websites as you want on this one account. You also get unlimited disk space which means the sites you host can be as big as you want them to be.

HostGator also gives you unlimited bandwidth. That means if your sites get a lot of visitors, there won’t be a problem, because you have plenty of bandwidth to handle it.

I have had hosting that did not have cpanel, and I can tell you that cpanel is a dream to work with. Whether you are trying to install a wordpress blog on your site, or a subdomain, or setup your email for your new web site, cpanel makes everything easy.

In my opinion HostGator is one of the best hosting companies on the web, if not the best. I think that is why they have become so big.

They give you all the good stuff, at an great price, with great service. Take a look at what they offer. You’ll be glad you did.