Reseller Hosting – Best Reseller Host In The Business

Are you looking for some good quality reseller hosting? I have had a reseller account with the same company for over six years without any problems, and I feel they are the best choice for anyone looking for hosting.

This hosting company is Hostgator, and they are considered by most people to be the best there is.

They offer many different plans to suit everyone’s needs, but I especially like the reseller hosting package. Reseller hosting for anyone who is unfamiliar with it, allows you to have as many sites on one account as you wish.

But the really nice feature with this type of hosting, is the fact that you can have each one of your sites on a completely separate cPanel, within your reseller account. Note: Enter my exclusive coupon at Hostgator, to save. savemoney99

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This type of hosting can be great if you tend to sell your websites. With reseller hosting, you can sell a site to a buyer, and allow them to keep the site on your hosting account for a few days until they move it, or as a permanent customer, paying you a monthly fee for hosting.

Plus with reseller hosting, you would give them the user name and password for that site, and that is all they could access.

It can also be beneficial to you, if you have some friends that also need hosting. You can give them hosting for their site, or multiple sites, and charge them a monthly fee.

You set the amount of space they have, the price you wish to charge, and can terminate an account at any time.

I prefer reseller hosting, because I do often sell websites, and it makes it easier for myself, and the customer, but I also like having a separate cPanel for every site.

Are You Looking For Reseller Hosting – Hostgator Is The Best

If you are going to buy reseller hosting, I would definitely suggest you go with Hostgator. Their support is top notch, and they will work with you until a problem is resolved, if you happen to have one.

They also offer everything that you could possible want in a hosting account. You get the good stuff like fantastico, for one click blog installs, and cPanel which is known as the best control panel in the hosting business.

Using your reseller hosting account is very simple. You start by going to a panel called your WHM, or webhost manager. At that panel you enter the domain name of your new site, choose a user name and password, and click start.

The webhost manager will now create the space for your new site. Now you can go to your newly created cPanel for your new site, and install wordpress in less that a minute.

It really is that simple to use one of these accounts. Another nice feature of a reseller account, is that you can expand it as your business grows. There are several size upgrades that will give you more space and speed in your reseller hosting account, as you need it.

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Is A Great Package

With your reseller account you can have unlimited domains, and sub domains, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited databases.

The reseller hosting also comes with 4,500 website templates, and free site building software, for professional looking sites.

This reseller hosting account with Hostgator, is truly all you will ever need, to host all the sites you want, and I managed to get a coupon out of Hostgator, that will save you almost ten bucks on the hosting.

So click my link below, and when you get there, be sure to enter this coupon code, savemoney99, into the coupon box on the Hostgator site. This code will save you twice as much as the code they have available on their site.

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